Skin Peeling on Fingertips Causes

The peeling of the fingers may be quite embarrassing. In case you are thinking about the skin peelingon fingertips causes, you should know that the symptoms could be made worse by harsh weather, diseases, medical conditions, or allergens.

Dry skin

In this case, besides the peeling skin, you also experience itching, crack, scale and flake.

The problem is caused by the environmental factors like air conditioning, humid weather, harsh soaps, hot water and exposure to the sun.

Skin Peeling on Fingertips

At the same time, some of the fingertips’ skin peelingcauses are different kinds of medical conditions likehypothyroidism. These kinds of conditions can reduce the oil production of the glands that leads to peeling and rough skin.


It is known that eczema is one of the skin peeling on fingertips causes that leads to cracking of the skin. The problem usually appears in case of infants. Even more, about 20% of all babies are affected by eczema. This is something like allergy that results in peeling, itchy and thickened skin.

When thinking about the triggers of skin peeling on the fingertips it is good to know that eczema can be the result of allergies, colds, water, stress and fragrances. Usually the problem runs in families. Nonetheless it is believed that the breastfed babies don’t really get affected by it.


It is a skin disease that leads to the buildup of extra skin on the skin’s surface. While the condition can be relatively mild, it may also become severe, leading to permanent disfiguration.

In fact, this one of the skin peeling of the fingertips’ triggers is a disease of the immune system. It appears because the white blood cells start attacking the cells of the skin in their attempt to heal a wound that doesn’t exist. The truth is that the specialists don’t know much about the condition, but there are some triggers that they do know about. These include infection, smoking, skin injury, stress, wintry weather and alcohol consumption.

Although you can’t really eliminate the skin peeling on fingertips causes, there are some things that you could do to make them better, such as being really careful about the chemicals that you are using and protecting yourself against weather conditions and other environmental factors.


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