Types of Skin Rashes on Face

The sad truth is that there are a lot of people affected by different types of skin rashes on face. Although this is quite unpleasant, you should know that in the majority of the cases there is a treatment or remedy for the problem that you could try.


This is a chronic and inflammatory skin condition that usually affects adults. The look of the rash is something like acne.

The rash involves redness of the skin and it might involve puss filled bumps or red bumps. The intensity of the rash fluctuates in time. Some factors can make the rash worse.

Rashes on Face

Contact Dermatitis

In case you are interested in the kinds of face skin rashes you should know about contact dermatitis as well. In order for the dermatitis to develop there is need for an allergen. Usually the rash involves dry and scaly skin that is itchy and painful. The severity and the duration of the rash vary.

Heat Rash

This kind of rash usually appears on the face and the neck. It normally appears when the skin is exposed to humid and hot conditions. The rash is itchy that could make people to scratch, making the condition worse.


Eczema leads to rash and inflammation. The problem may be caused by allergens, overexposure to environmental agents or the genetic makeup of people. Usually eczema leads to dry skin and swelling.


This one of the different types of skin rashes on face is also known as urticaria. In fact it is a reaction to allergens, insect bites, viral infections, or fluctuations of temperature. In the majority of the cases the problem results in patchy skin, red rash, a burning sensation and itchiness.

Herpes Zoster

This skin condition is also called zona and shingles. Usually the rash is painful and itchy and it affects the face and the chest. It is possible to get shingles because of the varicella zoster virus.

There are a lot of different types of skin rashes on face to keep an eye out for. If you notice a rash you should see a doctor immediately.

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