Stages of Skin Cancer Symptoms

The stages of skin cancer symptoms usually start out by small changes of the skin. These can be lesions or growths. Usually these aren’t cancerous, but they could become as time goes by. About 40%-50% of fair skinned people have some kind of skin cancer during their life.

Actinic keratosis

These are small patches of scaly skin caused by too much sun exposure. They usually appear on the neck, head, or hands, but they can appear on other body parts as well. It’s difficult to tell which patches will turn out to be cancerous so doctors recommend early treatment.

Skin Cancer

Actinic cheilitis

Just like the previous sign of skin cancer stages, this is also a precancerous sign, which normally appears on the lower lips. It is characterized by persistent dryness and a scaly patch of skin. The sharp border between the skin and the lip can disappear as a result of the problem.

Cutaneous horns

When it comes to the stages of skin cancer symptoms, you might be thinking about a funnel shaped growth that originates from a red skin patch. It is made of compacted keratin. The size and shape of the growth can vary but usually they are a few millimeters long.


Normally a mole isn’t considered to be a sign of stages of skin cancer. However, if the mole changes in any way, if it gets an irregular shape, if it has many colors, or if it gets larger than the eraser of a pen, it could be a cancerous mole. In this case it is best to see a doctor about the mole.

Dysplastic nevi

In case you are interested in the stages of skin cancer symptoms, you should know that these aren’t necessarily cancerous, but they can become a problem. The atypical moles are usually larger with an irregular shape with fading or notched borders. The moles can be raised or flat.

Examine your body

In order to find the symptoms of stages of skin cancer, it is important to examine your body regularly.Melanomas usually appear on the back, in case of men, and on the lower legs, in case of women. Also check the hidden areas, like between the fingers, toes, groin, and backs of the knees.

There is a lot to know about the stages of skin cancer symptoms in order to avoid possible future problems regarding your skin.


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