Avoiding The Onset Of Stretch Marks

Many women will find themselves with stretch marks after pregnancy or rapid weight loss, during puberty often girls in particular, will suffer from them until their body is fully developed.

It is not a sign of anything bad; in fact the only reason to worry about them is because of their ugly appearance.

For anyone considering a beach holiday, stretch marks that tend to occur in the tummy region, breast area and upper thighs, are not a good look.

There are many products marketed to remove the marks but these can usually only lighten them and therefore make them much less obvious.stretch marks

It is often the case that the individual who has the stretch marks, thinks they are much more noticeable than they actually are. Most times the problem will fade away after a couple of months on its own accord.

If you are determined not to develop stretch marks during your pregnancy then regular moisturizing will stop the skin from getting irritated and therefore itching. Sometimes it is the actual itching of these susceptible areas that exacerbate the problem.

Keeping the skin more flexible as the body expands, it is important to know the ingredients of any skin care creams etc that you use as something like Retin-A is potentially harmful to the fetus developing in your body. Simple oil is usually better.

Stretch marks can take many forms and be different sizes and colors, based on how fast the skin is contracting and your own natural skin tone, respectively.

For most pregnant women they develop during the final gestation period. It all come about because the supportive tissue just below the skin lose its elasticity.

After the birth, gentle exercises will help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, as will improving your diet. Obviously if you are breast feeding be hesitant of trying to lose any weight as your baby requires certain food supplements from you.

You can continue to use a cream to keep the skin moisturized, look out for ones that include cocoa butter or glycolic acid, both of which have been scientifically proved to assist in removing the ugly look of stretch marks.

If you are really concerned about how your stretch marks look and it is beginning to affect your life, creating a lack of self confidence and feeling of low self esteem, then cosmetic surgery is an option, albeit a very expensive one.


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