Laser Treatment For Stretch Marks – Does It Really Work?

Many of us probably know the best of creams and gels are not going to ‘erase’ stretch marks once they have appeared on the skin.

Any sudden weight gain, either due to pregnancy, weight gain, or puberty growth that causes the skin to stretch can cause stretch marks.

So if creams and lotions do little to reduce stretch marks, is laser treatment effective in getting rid of stretch marks? Well unfortunately the answer to that is no as well.

The fact is that stretch marks appear due to an alteration of the dermis, which is the layer of skin lying beneath the top layer or the epidermis, you cannot ‘erase’ them.

What laser treatments for stretch marks can do is they can lessen the depth of stretch marks. Results are no equal with all and some women find greater improvement than others.

The laser therapy works by stimulating the deeper layers of skin to produce more elastin and collagen which can help to diminish but not erase the stretch mark scars.

Laser treatment for stretch marks works best when the stretch marks are still fresh (reddish). On older (silvery white) stretch marks the treatment could have little or no effect. Also for those with darker skin there is the danger of hyperpigmentation and the laser treatment is therefore unadvisable.


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