Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks Side Effects

Stretch marks weaken their self-confidence of many people. This is why they might be thinking about atreatment, but they shouldn’t forget about the laser treatment for stretch marks side effects either.

What to Expect?

It is normal to notice redness of the treated area a few days after the treatment. Most probably you will also experience a burning sensation in the skin. In many cases people also notice some swelling of the skin. In serious cases, the skin could turn brown and the sad truth is that the change can be permanent.

Stretch marks

Further Negative Effects

If you are thinking about having a treatment of this kind you should prepare for having dry skin after thetreatment. Since the skin dries out, it may become itchy and it is also possible to experience some pain as well. It may take a relatively long time before the side effects disappear (if they ever do).


The treatment is still unproven for removing stretch marks. Normally lasers are used to vaporize, break down or remove tissues and they aren’t meant to repair the tissues. There were a lot of studies thatfailed to prove the efficiency of the treatment.

Old Marks

The people interested in the laser treatment negative effects for stretch marks ought to know that thistreatment doesn’t work on old marks. This is because these are already faded. The laser therapy works in case of fresh marks that are still brown or red.


You shouldn’t forget about the costs either when thinking about this treatment. This is because atreatment session usually costs between $400 and $1,500. For an efficient therapy you will need several visits and you will have to pay this amount of money every time.

What do the Specialists have to say?

Regarding the adverse effects of laser treatment, the specialists claim that this should be used as a last resort. First people should try lotions and topical treatments and turn to laser therapy only in case nothing else seems to be working.

Thinking about the laser treatment for stretch marks side effects is important before making your mind up to use it.


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