Do Organic Creams Help in Stretch Mark Therapy?

There are a lot of different products for stretch mark therapy that are promising miraculous results, but do they really work? It is true that there are a lot of ingredients, many of them organic, that boost the elasticity of skin, but the results vary from one woman to another.


Stretch mark therapy with Ellasti Belly

In case you have some problems with stretch marks, this product might become your favorite. It is light and it soaks easily into the skin. The best thing about it is that it comes with more than 30 ingredients, all meant to improve the elasticity of the skin, and they are all organic.

The ingredients that this therapy for stretch marks comes with include lycopene, omega 3 fatty acids, carotenoids, beta carotene, proteins, manganese, vitamin B complex, C, D, E, F and K and it is also rich in linolenic and linolenic acid. The product is working through promoting the regeneration of the skin cells, increases the levels of elastin and collagen. This is why the skin will become more elastic and firm.

When talking about therapy for stretch marks for sure you know that these appear because the skin isn’t elastic to stretch as much as it should. Through its action the product is able to prevent the appearance of these marks, wrinkles, and even different kinds of scars.

The therapy for stretch marks is said to have a unique formula, and due to its ingredients it is also able to improve the blood circulation in the skin, not to mention that the skin will be more hydrated. There is an ingredient that is rare among the products of this kind, Caviar Extract that is rich in all the substances, vitamins, acids, proteins and so on that the skin needs. The ingredients of the stretch mark therapy improve the state of the skin and it is a great advantage that they slow down the degradation of the skin.

It’s not only the interior factors that count, but the exterior ones as well, and this is why the product leaves a thin film on the surface of the skin. This way the therapy for stretch marks can protect the skin against climate, UV radiation, pollution and dehydration. The product is able to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin.

Mommy care

This kind of stretch mark therapy has been especially created for women concerned about stretch marks because of pregnancy. It is said that it is able to prevent the appearance of the marks. It makes sure that the skin won’t tear due to the ingredients that are paraben, petrochemical and sulfate free.


Dermasense is another kind of therapy for stretch marks that you should really consider. It doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. The ingredients include only fruits, herbs, flowers and other botanicals known for their benefits.

You may see that there are several different products you can choose from when it comes to stretch mark therapy¸ and the good news is that the best ones are organic.


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