What Is the Best Sun Damaged Skin Treatment?

We are all looking for sun kissed tan, but in case you stay too much in the sun, you could get more than just that and you might find yourself looking for sun damaged skin treatment. Such damages appear in time, and they could be simply unaesthetic, but in time they could turn out to be a lot more serious, such as skin cancer.

OTC sun damaged skin treatment

There are numerous over the counter products that you can find that are trying to reverse the effects of sun damage. In case this is the method that you would like to use then look for the products that contain alpha hydroxyl acids like lactic acid or glycolic acid because they can smooth the skin. Another kind of treatment for sun damaged skin is the treatment based on vitamin C. These can reverse the effects of sun damage.


In case of these products you need to be persistent and you have to use the product for months. These treatments for sun damaged skin work by peeling the dead surface of the skin. This is why it is easier for the UV rays to penetrate the skin, so in case you are using them, make sure that you also apply sunscreen. Also you could be using them along with vitamin A products.

Medical treatments


This kind of treatment for sun damaged skin comes in for of both creams and gels and it is said that they are able to reverse the damage. It takes weeks for the skin to become smoother, and during this time you can experience some thickening of the dermis and epidermis. The product is able to reduce the excess pigmentation through inhibiting the melanin content. If you choose to use this sun damaged skin treatment over a long period of time, you can see an improvement regarding the wrinkles and fine lines as well.


This is one of the newest products regarding treatment for sun damaged skin. It is a product based on vitamin A, and it is also able to reverse the effects of psoriasis. Also it could be useful in treating the effects of acne, photo aging or sun damage.

Chemical peels

These are known to be sun damaged skin treatments that are working through removing the upper layers of the skin, this way making recovery possible. At the beginning the treatment is actually wounding the skin, then allowing regrowth. These peels can be deep or only superficial peels.

Laser surgery

The use of dermabrasion has diminished over the years. This has been performed mechanically, through removing the upper layer of the skin, and then supporting regrowth.

On the other hand the laser abrasions as treatments for sun damaged skin are gaining more and more popularity due to the visible results because the laser is able to remove thin layers of skin.

The only disadvantage of this sun damaged skin treatment is that the patients need a longer period of time for healing than in other cases.


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