7 Effective Ways to Take Care of your Sunburned Lips

Sunburn is not just harmful for your arms, legs and facial skin but also for your lips.  It can lead to darkened lips, hyper pigmentation and chapped or cracked lips. It can also lead to blisters, swelling or reddening, dehydration and several other effects on the lips.

In some cases, lips may crack so much that they may even start bleeding.  Thus it is important to take care of your lips and try to prevent sunburns. But if you still tend to suffer from this condition on your lips, then there are several ways to treat it. The following are the 7 most effective ways to take care of your sunburned lips:

take care of your sunburned lips

Use Ointments

One of the best ways to cure the sunburned lips is to make use of ointments like petroleum jelly. These medicines or ointments have to be applied everyday as it takes a few days for them to cure the lips.  They help to keep the lips hydrated and moisturized.

Naturally Moisturize your Lips

There are many ways in which you can moisturize your lips naturally. You can apply honey on them, drink a lot of water or simply use Vaseline on them.

Aloe Vera Gel

Another way to take care of your sunburned lips is to use the aloe Vera gel. Aloe Vera consists of many anti inflammatory agents which can help to reduce the pain caused due to the inflammation of the lips.  You can either use the gel available in the market or take fresh aloe Vera leaves and squeeze out the natural gel from them to apply.

Vitamin E

You can also use vitamin E oil on your sunburned lips as this is another way to treat this condition. You can apply a few drops of this oil and massage it on your lips before sleeping or after eating. You can leave it applied throughout the night as lips need healing time.  This oil helps to regenerate the cells of the skin and also prevents scarring.


Another superb way to take care of your sunburned lips at home is to make use of potato. The starch present in potato helps to cool the burned skin. What you can do is that you can cut a potato into half and apply one side of them to your lips. Do this for 10 minutes and then wash off. This will soothe your lips instantly.

Ice Cubes

Massaging lips using ice cubes for 2 minutes each time after you come back home from the sun also helps to soothe your lips. This helps to increase the blood circulation in the lips.

Cucumber Slices

Cucumber slices can remove tanning caused by sun rays on the lips. You can rub slices of cucumber on your lips each time after you get sun exposure. Do this for about 3 minutes every day and you will notice a difference in the color and the inflammation caused due to sunburn.


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