The Common Tanning Myths and the Truth About Them

Getting a perfect summer tan is most of the time surrounded by a large number of myths.

According to the rumors, the darker skin does not get sunburns, the hair gets shinier in the sun, the tan kills the pimples and SPF 30 sun block is completely useless. So lets see whether they are true or not and understand what exactly hides behind them.

1. Darker skin tones are safe from sunburns so they don’t need a sun lotion

sun-burnsThat is perhaps the most preposterous theory regarding the tan. Every skin exposed to the sun risks to get sunburned. Of course, if you have a darker skin tone you won’t need the same SPF factor as the skin of a red-head would.

Even so a 15-20 SPF is recommendable even for the black skin especially because lying in the sun exposes you to ultraviolet rays which are responsible for damaging the skin cells.

2. The sun exposure will make your hair shine

This is completely not true. The sun is damaging your hair over drying it and burning its thin surface so if you are looking to get shiny hair from the sun exposure, you may get exactly the opposite. Make sure you keep your hair healthy using UV filter hair products.

3. A good tan kills the pimples

In reality the tan hides the pimples and conceals their reddish color temporarily only to help them come back even harder.

Sun exposure favors the pores to be filled with dead cell residue and stimulates the skin to get greasier to overcompensate for dehydration. So instead of no pimples, sun causes more pimples.

4. SPF 30 is actually useless and there is no such thing as SPF protection

You must think for yourself in this department. The SPF factor that our sun lotions carry is designed to enhance the skin’s ability to protect itself from the sun. It is only logical that the children’s skin or the naturally sensitive skin is more exposed; so it’s logical they would need a higher protection factor.

It is better not to treat this matter lightly since in the absence of SPF factor the sun can cause severe damage to the skin cells; so it’s only fair to say that the road to melanoma is paved with carelessness.


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