Types of Skin Rashes that Itch

There are many different kinds of skin rashes and some of them itch. If you have a skin rash that presents this symptom, you might be interested in the types of skin rashes that itch. There are many kinds, so you may want to see a dermatologist about your rash.


This is a chronic skin disorder that is caused by the changes of the immune system cells that make them fight the healthy skin cells, thinking that there is a wound. As a result, silvery and thick scales appear on the skin.


In case you are interested in the kinds of skin rashes that itch, you should know that this is a relatively common skin rash that has a specific look. It appears as a herald patch that later spreads to the other body parts as well.

Poison ivy

When thinking about the types of skin rashes that itch, it is good to know that skin rash is a reaction to a chemical that can be found in certain plants. It starts with redness and blisters in the area where the skin was exposed to the chemical.

Poison ivy

Chicken pox

This rash is caused by a virus called varicella. The good news is that in the past period very few people had chicken pox. If a pregnant woman has it, she needs to be treated with special medication.


You should be thinking about mites when it comes to the types of skin rashes that itch. The scabiesare caused by a mite that burrows itself under the skin. In this case, the rash is red and bumpy and it usually appears on the wrists, armpits and fingers.


It is good to know about this one of the itchy skin rash types that it is closely related to allergies. The truth is that the cause of the eczema is still unknown but it seems to have something to do with abnormal skin cells.


The interesting thing about this rash is that its appearance can change in hours or even minutes. There are many different causes of hives and it is difficult to isolate only one.


This rash is caused by a fungal infection. There are different types of skin rashes that itch, so it is better to be careful and avoid these uncomfortable guests.


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