Most Common Causes of White Spots on Skin

Having white spots on skin could be a very bothersome symptom that affects the quality of life for people and also their self-confidence. In the majority of the cases the problem is caused by skin color or pigmentation disorder. The color of the skin is influenced by the amount of melanin produced.

Vitiligo and the skin’s white spots

This cause of spots leads to the loss of the brown skinon the body. The condition appears when the melanocytes are destroyed by the cells. The sad truth is that about 1% of the people living in the country are affected by this problem.

Having white skin spots is the only signs of the condition. The spots that you can see vary in shape and size and they feel just like normal skin. In the majority of the cases the white patches appear on the elbows, face, hands, knees, genitals and feet.

White Spots on Skin

If you notice white spots on skin that best thing that you could do is to see your doctor about them. You will need skin examination for the doctor to be able to make a diagnosis. The treatment of the problem is quite difficult and this is why you should seek medical attention as soon as you see the symptom.

One of the options to treat white skin patches in this case is phototherapy. This means that there is ultraviolet light applied to the skin. The patients also need to use medications like immunosuppressant or corticosteroid creams. If you ignore the problem, it will become more serious and you will need another kind of treatment.

Another option for the treatment of the white spots on skin is skin grafting. This means to have brown skin grafted over the white spots. If the white patches take over the entire body, the best option is to de-pigment the rest of the brown skin. This could be a radical change.

Nevus depigmentosus

This is another kind of condition that could lead to skin patches that are white. The condition is caused by melanocytes’ abnormalities. In this case the white spots don’t spread. The most important symptom of the condition is having white spots on a given body part.

In about 19% of the cases, the white spots on skin are visible since birth but they could also appear at a later stage. Some people say that the white spots look like splashes of paint. The hair grown in these areas is white or colorless.

Idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis

As a result of this condition, skin’s white patches appear on the arms and shins of people. These spots aren’t pigmented and they don’t have melanocytes. In this case genetics have a word to say. This means that if you have some family history of the condition, you have higher chances of being affected by it.

There are some other skin conditions as well that could lead to white spots on skin that you should know about. This way you could diagnose yourself when you see the spots and you will be able to offer more information to your dermatologist.


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