According To Experts, Wrinkles Are Good

A Japanese beauty expert is telling the women of her country that growing old gracefully is exactly how it should happen and there is nothing wrong with wrinkles.[wrinkle treatment]

Chizu Saek’s new book called The Japanese Skincare Revolution is soon be published for the first time in English and she already has quite a following in her native land.

Now a household name thanks to her revolutionary methods combined with the now ageing population of Japan.wrinkles

The sixty six year old proclaims that it is fine to have a few blemishes and that sagging skin is just part of a life well lived. She herself looks wonderful for her age and is a great example for all her devotees. The treatments that she writes about in her book are very traditional and have been used in her country for centuries.

In a world hit by recession a money saving way of skincare is very welcome indeed and the publishers believe that her book is sure to go down well in cash strapped America and in Europe.

The women of Japan have always been very conscious of designer brands and label goods, so would quite possibly spend more than any other nation in this area.

Saek has a salon in Tokyo, located in the very desirable district of Ginza, some of her clients are over eight years of age. For hundreds of years, Japanese women were known for their pale skin and their very dark hair but in the 21st century all that has changed. Fake tan and heavy make up is not the order of the day something that Saek is very sad about.


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