Face Massage – Do It the Right Way

The nasty habits of raising the eyebrows or laugh with all the face muscles, the impulse of leaning our head during reading and not wear the prescription glasses are the main factors behind the common wrinkles.


As cool as they may sound, the anti wrinkle moisturizers don’t fit the profile unless they have a helping hand from face massage. The face massage can be the early solution to the wrinkle problem provided it is done correctly and follows a consistent pattern. There are certain rules as face massages go and if you follow them correctly the effect will be maximized.

Before you start the massage, cleaning and moisturizing the skin is a must. During the massage the skin will be stretched. So it is very important for it to be elastic.


Start with the face gymnastic stimulating the face muscles. After gymnastics massage the face skin with circular movements then pinch the skin softly alternating with “butterfly wings” beating with the finger tips.

A good peeling is a must after the face massage. To refresh the face, dip a small face towel in a solution made of 1-2 teaspoons of sea salt and a glass of warm water. You can also use a strong black tea for the same purpose. Roll the towel and gently beat the skin under your chin. The skin will become elastic and firm.


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