Put A Stop To Wrinkles With These Popular Treatments

With anti-aging being the buzzword that follows us around wherever we go, here are some proven medical treatments that are the best way to fight wrinkles. This is just what the doctor ordered.

Microdermabrasion. A very popular and effective way to make sure that your skin will simply shine.

There are do-it-yourself kits available but to get the best results, and under the best supervision, it’s always great to contact your local spa or your dermatologist and get it done just right.

Aluminum oxide crystals are used to sand the layer of the skin away using a vacuum suction. Yes, it sounds a little bride of Frankenstein-ish, but it totally is worth it.botox

Peel it way. Another popular technique is getting a chemical peel. In this case, an acid is used to burn the skin away thereby creating an opportunity for new skin to grow and take its place.

However remember Sex & The City’s Samantha and how she decided to get a chemical peel the day of Carrie’s book launch, yeah, exactly.

Make sure you give yourself some time away from the maddening crowd as your skin will be red and a tad puffy afterwards and will need time to recuperate.

Beat ‘em with Botox. Yes we have seen the wonderful Hollywood faces frozen in one facial expression. However, when done right, Botox can be your best friend. This procedure has definitely come a long way.

Forget the nooner, schedule a quick Botox session during your lunch hour and you are done. However make sure that it’s done by a certified medical professional as to ensure that you aren’t walking away with more than smooth skin.

Collagen. Yes we know that collagen is immediately affiliated with those huge bee-sting looking lips. However when done properly, it’s a great temporary fix to make sure that your wrinkles are filled up just right. Collagen can be made from human or cow collagen.

Even collagen taken from your hips can be injected. Yes isn’t medical science marvelous! Keep in mind, just like everything; collagen taken in moderation will be a great fix for your evening out.

Estrogen. Yes, that estrogen. There have been reports of women who are taking estrogen are finding that their skin is much smoother and wrinkle free then before. As always speak to your doctor before diving into this treatment.


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