8 Secrets to Wrinkle Prevention Before they Start

The ideal approach to achieve a perfect body, mind and look is to prevent the disorders and ailments before they even show up symptoms. Proper diet, exercise, healthy lifestyle and positive outlook are just some key points that can help you keep wrinkles away.

Just like brittle bones, memory loss, thin and grey hair, and lessened energy levels come with age – wrinkles too are inevitable lines of experience that emerge as you grow older! The advance cosmetic technologies have given you bountiful options to get rid of these unwanted fine lines by increasing collagen production into your skin via, injections, capsules, facial treatments, surgery etc. Thankfully, there is even easier way out – follow some simple tips to prevent the appearing of wrinkles!

wrinkle prevention before they startChoose the Right Product

Once you cross 25, start using products that have enough of amino acids, omega 3, vitamin C, sirtuins, and copper peptides – these will improve the collagen structure of your skin and prevent wrinkles.

Proper and Healthy Diet

The cell structure of your skin has to be maintained with a balanced and nutritious diet. Eat lots of green vegetables on a regular basis, salad once a day would be excellent, green tea twice a day and dishes made of dark vegetables are recommended. The more water you take, the more skin elasticity and moisturisation will be retained – that ensure delaying wrinkles and age spots. High water content foods like berries, cucumbers, lettuce are known to delay onset of wrinkles.

Take Injectables

These are not necessarily the solutions for wrinkles but can also act as a saviour while you are entering your 30s. In injectable filler, the hydraulic acid acts like a sponge in the skin that makes the cells absorb water and plump up. Botox and Dysport injections are used by women from the late 20s and early 30s so that they can prevent the expression lines, which later can show up as forehead wrinkles and crow’s-feet.

Protect from the Sun

This is one of the major causes of wrinkles – make sure you wear a SPF 25 every day; irrespective the weather be it rain or shine! Apply sunblock cream generously all over face, hands, chest, and neck. The cosmetic products often contain SPF but they are not enough!

Do Not Crouch and Sleep

A proper posture while sleeping is important to prevent wrinkles. Sleeping on the back or on a Beauty Pillow is a good idea. If you sleep crushed into the pillow for 6-8 hours long, your face would naturally look like a crushed paper as the elastin in the facial skin gets crooked and slowly the wrinkles get permanent.

Avoid Squinting

This is again a common cause for wrinkles that most of us ignore. The action of squinting creates a motion that leads to wrinkles around the eyes known as crow’s feet. Most of the people squint without knowing it and is more common among people who are nearsighted or do not wear glasses or wear extremely high powered glasses. This has to be a conscious effort and practice to lessen the number of squints per day.

Avoid too Much Use of Straws, Water Bottles and Smoking

While doing these 3 things you might have noticed that you do the repeated expression of pursing the lips that leads to wrinkles around the mouth area. Try to stay conscious about this lip movement and prefer drinking from a glass to avoid pursing of lips.

Proper Application of Moisturiser

Using a good moisturiser around your eyes and mouth is very important to prevent wrinkles as these areas have limited oil glands and might need additional moisture if you want to keep the cells plump and wrinkle free. A night cream or copper peptide serum would be ideal before night time.


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