Christina Aguilera’s Bright Pink Braid Is a Show Stopper

31 year old singer Christina Aguilera is known for her outrageous hairstyles. Here is another feather to her cap.

Her latest style that she sported on a television event is that of a pink braid woven around the right side of her head to form a mat-like finish. The rest of the hair was natural color except for the tips which were again dyed in pink.

The singer sported this outlandish hairdo with an even more outlandish outfit. The junk jewelry and her bright lipstick to match the hair color highlighted the do even more.

The singer’s hair dos are drawing more attention than her voice itself. She has been known for her mane transformations ever since she shot to fame. The first color she tried was ombre and ever since, her mane has changed colors like a chameleon. From music videos to live shows, Aguilera has been seen wearing a myriad shades; so many that we have forgotten what her hair actually looks like.

How to Get the Look

However, not everyone is a critic. There are die-hard fans of her hairstyles and would want to replicate some of the styles for themselves. If you are one among those then here is how to get this style. To begin with, side-part your hair with the partition leaning to the right. Pick up tufts of hair from the right side and die half of them pink.

Also die the tips of the hair pink. Now make small braids using the right side of the partition. This will be arranged as alternating blonde and pink braids. One long pink braid finally goes all the way round the bunch of braided hair forming an intricate design on the side like a woven ponytail.


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