5 Questions to Ask Before Getting Botox

Botox is one such non-invasive treatment procedure which is done in the medical spas, all across America and the UK to offer tightened and youthful skin. The skin treatment relaxes targeted muscle on the face while easing wrinkles and frown lines till they become smooth. It may be used in order to eliminate stubborn lines around the mouth and forehead to reveal refreshed and smoother skin. Although used mainly for the face, the Botox treatment may be used on other parts of the body to get rid of creases and lines.

TheBotox solution is injected into the facial areas where lines or wrinkles have appeared. When injected strategically by an experienced and Botox certified nurse, the Botox gives young and natural facial appearance. There are sevral other benefits that Botox offers. Botox can also used to relieve a migraine attack and pains associated with head brought about by tendons and tighter muscles.

If you are planning to take Botox injections, here are the 5 questions to ask that you must ask prior to your Botox injection, to ensure that you get the measurable results without any side-effects.


Why to ask 5 questions before the Botox?

Although Botox offered amazing results to the patients, but still there are plenty of cases when patients have been unhappy with the treatment. It is only an experienced and highly trained cosmetologist who can trace out whether one is fit for the treatment or not. To make sure that the treatment is right, you should ask the below questions:

  • Ask whether the person administering the injection is board certified or not. The plastic surgeon must have decades of experience in carrying out Botox. A good doctor or a highly trained doctor will have done lots of procedures in the past. Make sure you are not the first patient of the doctor.
  • Am I the right Botox candidate? Like most of the medical procedures, there are people who make good candidates for the treatment while others do not. If you have any medical background, you are not fit for the treatment. Anyone with a neuromuscular disorder is not fit for Botox.
  • May I check out your Botox‘before’ and Botox‘after’ images? Almost all the reliable and experienced cosmetologists have their ‘Before’ and ‘After’ gallery of images. By asking about the photographs, you can get to know about the efficiency of the person. This will ensure that there is no unexpected and disappointing Botox result.
  • How will you handle the unwanted side effects like dropping eyelids and brows? The cosmetologist must be able to figure out how each muscle will work after the injection. The doctor must be able to win the battle against opposing muscle group.
  • How fresh will be the product you inject on my skin? Botox is always shipped vacuum dried and then it is reconstituted by the clinics with the use of saline solution. After Botox is reconstituted, the solution starts losing its strength. Thus, it must be injected within 6 hours time of reconstitution.

Botox is available in different brands and potency. Quality brands of Botox offer a long lasting solutionfor wrinkles and fine lines. The Botox quality is important for length of effect and for the overall results you get.


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