How to Take Care of Breast after Breast Augmentation Surgery

Also known by the term, augmentation mammaplasty, breast augmentation is a surgical method of increasing the breast size in women.

The breast implants are normally performed to improve the fullness and look of the breasts. Though the surgery can be performed anytime but most of the women opt for it after weight reduction or pregnancy.

breast augmentation surgery

If you are planning to go under this surgery or have already undergone it then it is important to remember that you must take care of your breasts even after the surgery. Here are a few things that you must do post surgery to take care of your body:

  • As soon as your surgery is done, make sure that you have someone by your side to help you get home. Also make sure that someone stays with you for at least one or two days post surgery.
  • A few days before you are going out for surgery, try to drink as much water as you can. The process of breast augmentation can be tiring and the extra water might help you get over the nausea.
  • After the surgery has been done, try to sleep on your back for the next few weeks.
  • Exercise lightly post breast augmentation surgery. Don’t go to the gym for hectic exercise sessions instead try doing light exercises on your home to stay fit.
  • Keep some large size bras in your cupboard before you go for the surgery. Even after you have undergone the surgery, try to wear loose cloths like zip zap t-shirts for at least a week or so.
  • No matter whether you have chosen the best surgeon for your surgery but there are still chances of any complexity. Thus it is advisable to have all the emergency services at your disposal like the ambulance’s phone number and the surgeon’s number etc.
  • Taking simple and light food after the surgery is recommendable. Don’t eat heavy for your dinners instead just rely on a simple bowl of soup with some fresh veggies.
  • As it is suggested to sleep on your back only for a few weeks after the surgery, your back might get sore so try to keep a heating pad at your disposal.
  • You should keep yourself relaxed and don’t work hard for at least a week after the surgery.

Taking proper care after the breast augmentation surgery is highly important.

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