Cosmetic Dentistry For A Pleasing Look!

cosmetic dentistryI know you are wondering what cosmetic dentistry is all about. Here’s some good information on it.

Find out how technology has improved far off to change your entire teeth set and give you that perfect look.

As the name suggests cosmetic dentistry is related to teeth correction not on the basis of medical treatment for any disorder or disease but for a cosmetic and beauty purpose.

This aims in giving a visually pleasing look rather than the ugly, weird look which was so depressing and embarrassing all the while.

If you have a good set of teeth and the perfect smile is all yours then no wonder you are very lucky [Dental care]. It is for sure that all eyes are set on you wherever you go. No doubt you’ll be the highlight of any gathering or party whenever you shower you soothing and pleasing smile. May be till date you received many compliments.

Wow! You have a great Smile! I know how it feels to be complimented like that but what if you don’t have a proper set of teeth, what if your smile is not that pleasing, do you get any compliments or instead may be you have faced many embarrassing moments in your life. Good Gosh! If so don’t worry we have a solution for your problem, the cosmetic dentistry!

Cosmetic dentistry is a method of focusing on the modification of the entire oral cavity of the person including the surrounding tissue and structures and treating the oral disease if any exists. Through this method it is very well possible to change the appearance of the teeth and mouth to suit the person giving a pleasing look on the whole.

In ancient days the materials used by the dentists for the purpose of teeth fillings or other restorations of teeth were amalgam, gold and other metals like porcelain. The major drawback was that they looked so artificial and on the whole spoiled the entire natural look. But thanks to the advanced technology by which only porcelain or other similar composite materials are being used in cosmetic dentistry to give that natural look as these mimic the original teeth pretty well.

Let’s see how this cosmetic dentistry goes about and what are the procedures involved in this process. Teeth whitening or teeth bleaching is among the procedures used to clear off the yellowing of teeth and giving them the sparkling white look, another such procedure is the enamel shaping which helps in improving the appearance of the tooth. Chopping of extra enamel and bringing the teeth to a proper shape is the purpose of this procedure. Bonding is another option to fill up the cracked and chipped teeth with enamel like composite material used for dental purpose.

The most popularly used procedure in the cosmetic dentistry is the Veneers in which the ultra-thin, custom-made laminates are bonded directly to the teeth for closing gaps. This procedure is also used to whiten the teeth which were not possible by teeth bleaching or whitening earlier.

So when have you finalized your visit to the dentist? You better do it at the earlier as sooner the better. Get that sparkling, pleasing smile at the earliest!


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