Cosmetic Teeth Whitening and Sensitive Teeth

There are a lot of people who have sensitive teeth, but they are still considering having cosmetic teeth whitening. You might have heard many stories of people who have gone through this. There has been a case of a woman, who always had sensitive teeth, but she has been assured by her dentist that the procedure he will offer is safe and pain free for her sensitive teeth and gums.

She had a cosmetic kind of teeth whitening that lasted for about 45 minutes and cost $300. After the procedure she was still numb, but then reality hit her: it was true that her teeth looked one or two shades brighter, but she could not eat or drink without feeling pain.

cosmetic-teeth-whiteningNaturally she had called the dentist’s office where she had undergone cosmetic kind of teeth whitening and the assistant told her that there are always certain kinds of risks that the patients agree to take.

The next time she has followed the suggestion of a friend and she tried the whitening strips. She attached the upper portion to her teeth and she was supposed to keep it in her mouth for 20 minutes.

After 3 minutes of using this kind of cosmetic teeth whitening she started to feel nauseous and she realized that there was no way to keep doing this for 14 days when she couldn’t keep the strips on for 3 minutes.

Then one day she has been watching a well-known talk show on the television and she found out about a product that is said to be used by celebrities. The cosmetic kind of teeth whitening system that she saw is called ‘Celebrity Ultra Sexy Whitening Smile Enhancer’. She took a look at the website of the product and she found it easy to use.

All she had to do is to use the sponge applicator on both the upper and lower teeth and leave the whitening agent on, so that it will make its effect. She had to use the cosmetic teeth whitening twice a day, usually after washing her teeth and she didn’t even have to rinse afterwards. She has seen the results after one week, and her teeth just kept on getting whiter.

In case you are in a similar situation that she has been in, you can be sure that there are also a lot of other people who feel the same.

Causes of sensitive teeth

There are many different causes that lead to the same result: sensitive teeth. For example it may be caused by dental procedures such as tooth restoration, crown placement or root planning. Also the cosmetic kind of teeth whitening causes temporary teeth sensitivity that after a while should disappear.

The products used for cosmetic teeth whitening can also lead to sensitive teeth and this experiencing is common both after in-surgery teeth whitening procedures and at home cosmetic kind of teeth whitening. The sensitivity caused by cosmetic teeth whitening varies from one person to the other and it cannot be predicted.


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