Fixing A Less Than Perfect Smile

cosmetic dentistryMany people in the world are unhappy about the way their smile looks due to the fact that their teeth are less than white, misaligned, or simply may be decaying as they age.

For these reasons and many more many people decide to venture into the land of cosmetic dentistry which is the dental equivalent of getting a facelift to decrease signs of age or beauty marks that may not be so beautiful.

Depending on what kind of shape your teeth are in cosmetic dentistry avenues may vary for you, but from braces to teeth whitening there are plenty of techniques dentists can employ to give you the teeth you have always wanted.

Although there are plenty of different procedures that you can consider having done, here are a few of the most popular to help aid your decision of which kind of cosmetic dentistry options may benefit you the most.

Probably one of the most popular and the most recognizable cosmetic dentistry procedure is teeth whitening, the process in which a dentist uses a combination of hydrogen peroxide and high intensity light to bring teeth up to a very light shade of white.

Generally, teeth whitening in a dentist’s office works better than at home counterparts, but both can be effective and at home whitening can help aid and maintain the results from the dentist office.

Braces are the next procedure on the list and are also a popular choice in cosmetic dentistry.  Although braces used to predominantly be found on children, as the procedure of realigning teeth has become less noticeable and less expensive, braces are used by adults as well who want to fix crooked teeth and correct an overbite.

Next on the list are a few procedures that are commonly used side by side to correct teeth that have grown in the correct spot but are oddly shaped or fill out your smile in an awkward way.

A good example is your teeth tend to be slighter longer in the front than on the sides or in other cases, the well known Dracula incisors.

To fix this problem a cosmetic dentist will employ tooth shaping measures, use a bonded bridge, or sometimes fill in holes in the enamel to lengthen and fill out shorter teeth depending on how your teeth line currently lines up.

Finally, since your gums are also a prominent part of your smile dentists can also fix smiles that seem to ‘gummy’ by pushing up your gums slightly and evening out your gum line.

Sometimes teeth that seem different sizes are correct, but the gum line slanting can make it appear differently so gum lifts can solve this dilemma.


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