Teeth Whitening – Surely A Bright Idea?

Cosmetic enhancement is raging in dentistry in the contemporary years. One of the elements of cosmetic explosion is teeth whitening. Teeth whitening are one of the economic ways to augment your smile and beautify your facial structure.

However, intervention of modern methodologies of cosmetic inflections has welcomed confusion over the processes involved. You are one of the vast majorities of people who doubt the positive outcome of teeth whitening and fear wastage of time and money. This is primarily due to your ambiguous concepts regarding the process and outcome of teeth whitening.

This article seeks to develop your awareness regarding the whitening procedure, and hopefully will be successful in providing suitable answer to your probing questions.

teeth whiteningThings to know Before Going for Teeth Whitening

Beware of the following facts concerning teeth whitening and then proceed to undergo the procedure:


You may encounter sensitivity within the 24 hours post the procedure of teeth whitening. Also, whitening toothpaste contain caustic compounds which can be abrasive on teeth, resulting in sensitivity. Another well-known side effect of whitening is soft tissue irritation caused due to action of whitening solution on gums.

Temporary Result

Teeth whitening are a short term procedure. Perfect whiteness is retained for one to three years. Also, you need to maintain a good oral hygiene to procure a long-lasting effect of teeth whitening. Avoid intake of staining substances such as tea, coffee or other beverages for about 48 hours after whitening treatment.

Better Hygiene, Better Results

You may tend to think that teeth whitening will obliterate all the damage that you have caused to your teeth over the lifetime. However, the reverse holds true. The better you have cared for your teeth before the procedure the more impressive whitening results you will get.

Avoid Overdoing

Going overboard with your teeth whitening procedures can result in permanent damage of your teeth. Over-whitening your teeth weakens the tooth enamel due to prolonged effect of the erosive peroxides used in the procedure. It can also yield a translucent look or permanent discoloration of the crust.

Not for Everyone

In children and younger adults, the procedure should be avoided as they possess enlarged pulp chamber and more sensitive nerves. Pregnant or lactating women should also avoid undergoing the process as should people with gum disease, broken or damaged teeth or hypersensitivity. If you suffer from any of the above problems, consult your physician before undergoing the procedure.

Teeth whitening are a cosmetic procedure and are not a compulsory process under any circumstance. The above guidelines may help you to decide upon the risks and undergo the procedure successfully to get while, dazzling teeth adorning your face.

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