Basic Skin Tightening Procedures

Aging is a topic most people do not want to talk about and are practically trying to avoid.

Due to the demand of proper alternatives to promote anti-aging[Treating anti-aging], there are millions of individuals who have been practicing all sorts of methods to slow down the aging process and one of these is skin tightening.

Skin tightening has become very popular among people since there have been successful results that have been proven.

basic-skin-tightening-proceduresSkin tightening is a treatment wherein skin is heated to approximately 66 degrees centigrade to the desired portion and results in contracting elastin and collagen. This process is done using infrared light such as laser to be able to do the said procedure.

Skin tightening is painless and cost effective compared to its immediate counterpart known as facelift.

It is a popular treatment because of its advantages such as immediate results right after the operation itself, although it has been noted that the side effects are that of producing itchy red marks on the skin that may last a few days.

You may conduct your own research before availing of skin tightening treatments. It is always good to consult your doctor and inquire about the expectations and how the actual procedure will go.

You may be a candidate for skin tightening if you wish to remove wrinkles and skin sag. If you are new to the concept of skin tightening, here are some of the basic procedures you can expect when availing of this treatment:

  1. Pre-treatment – when you have already consulted with your doctor and everything is set, you will be asked to follow certain guidelines before the actual treatment. You have to make sure that you avoid direct sunlight for almost a month or, if need be, apply a lot of SPF creams to prevent direct contact. This may cause complications during the treatment process of skin tightening if not taken seriously.
  2. Ongoing Treatment – you will then be asked to comfortably place yourself while the process is being conducted. Laser using radioactive components will heat the desired area causing the skin to tighten and emboss a youthful look. The reason for skin tightening is it to allow new skin to produce new cells and at the same time eliminate old ones.
  3. Post Treatment – when the skin tightening process is done you will then have to follow instructions once more. Your skin will be very sensitive because it had just undergone skin tightening and will need to be careful. Avoid direct sunlight once again as this may cause complications due to its sensitive state.

You may inquire about skin tightening treatments from local dermatology clinics in your area. Perhaps doing your research regarding the best place to get it would be a smart choice.

You may also ask friends and family where a trusted clinic may be found. Choose a clinic that is closest to your home so that the travel time from the clinic to your home will be very minimal. This is important since you can not be exposed to sunlight right after the treatment.

The skin tightening treatment is different from other treatments. Given the nature of the treatment, it does show evident change to your skin but does not compare to the outcome of facelifts so do not be too shocked. Skin tightening will cost on average a good $2000 to $4000.


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