Beauty – But at What Cost?

The more advances that are made in the area of skin care and plastic surgery, the more attendant problems come to light. Skin care products that contain mercury and plastic surgeries that go wrong are just some of the subjects that have made skin care headlines in the past few days.

When Plastic Surgery Goes Wrong

Many women (and men) think that cosmetic surgery is the fountain of youth; that it can help them fight off the ravages of nature, give them success in interpersonal relationships and even help with their careers.


However, there is much that can go wrong with plastic surgery as French beauty Emmanuelle Béart is now telling us. Cosmetic surgery for her went terribly wrong and she now wants to raise awareness about the dangers of these procedures.

Emmanuelle was just 27 when she had her mouth done and now at 47 she has found the courage to admit that she shouldn’t have had the procedure.

Admitting to being profoundly affected by the procedure, she says that she would not consider undergoing this again – since the consequences are so difficult to predict.

When liposuction goes wrong

In another report, liposuction which is thought of as a safe and routine procedure turned fatal for Denise Hendry. Though she survived the actual operation, she was on life support and suffered kidney failure, 9 bowel punctures, heart attack, blood poisoning and a collapsed lung as a result of the procedure. Struggling 7 years with various ailments, she finally died some years ago.

Her 22 year old daughter Rheagan has now launched a movement in aid of safer cosmetic surgery to try and bring about some sort of regulation to govern private clinics that offer the service.

These are just two instances of how cosmetic surgery can go so horribly wrong and why, even though cosmetic surgery is more advanced than ever before, we still need to be very careful about what we opt for. Possible risks, complications, knowing what can go wrong, the level of skill of the surgeon are just some of the things that need looking at very carefully indeed.

Skin care products that contain mercury

Mercury was found to be present in common skin care products such as skin lighteners, anti-aging formulations, acne creams, freckle removers and spot removers.  Mercury can cause brain and kidney damage in unborn and very young children. It may be listed as calomel, mercurous chloride, mercurio, mercuric and so on.


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