Can Thermage Be The New Step In Beauty Surgery?

For all those who want to look younger with a wrinkle free skin Thermage Thermacool could prove to be boon. This simple non-invasive procedure has immediate results and reduces the signs of aging.

The skin sags and shows aging signs due to the breaking down and depletion of collagen due to age, diet, sun damage, smoking and pollution.

The Thermacool procedure takes a minimum of 30 minutes and can take up to ninety minutes depending on the case. The procedure may set you down by $1000-$5000.

During the procedure radio frequency energy reaches out to the collagen just below the skin’s surface. This is done without incisions, injections or surgery.

A cooling spray is used during the procedure to make it more comfortable and also provide protection to the skin. A pain medication may be used to reduce the pain.

The procedure activates the production of collagen which may continue over the next few months. The collagen fills out the lines and wrinkles slowly giving the skin a smoother look. For some lucky people the process may start showing visible results within three weeks. The person can return to normal activities almost immediately after the procedure.

There may be small side effects like temporary redness, mild irritation or jaw pain. Talk to the specialist to know more about the procedure and risks involved.


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