Top 5 Choices for Cosmetic Surgeries Abroad

Plastic surgery has been gaining much attention from many people around the globe who wish to further improve their physical appearance. Whether for medical and health or purely aesthetic purposes, they now seriously consider undergoing cosmetic operations because of their obvious benefits.

And since the concept of medical tourism is now more popular than ever, many even think of having their operations performed in other countries. Looking for a perfect place for your surgery may not be difficult as there is an entire list of destinations at —this, perhaps, is one of the most comprehensive enumerations of the best places where such idea is practiced.

cosmetic surgeries abroad

Among the many countries that support wide practice of body enhancements are the United States, Brazil, China, Japan, and Italy. It is not surprising that the US tops the list as the most technologically advanced medical equipment is found here. Also, its healthcare professionals have undergone intensive training, making them experts in this specific field.

The only downside of having your operations here is the costing as cosmetic surgery here might be a bit more expensive than in other destinations.

Next on the list is Brazil which is famous because of its government policy allowing tax deductions of expenses incurred from plastic surgery and other medical procedures. Apart from this, its open society also welcomes and embraces the idea of body augmentation.

Japan and China are said to be the leading contenders and the best choices in Asia since they offer a wide range of cosmetic operations. The Japanese culture is as well known for being quite meticulous when it comes to body care which makes it an ideal destination for many kinds of cosmetic surgeries.

Lastly, Italy is considered the plastic surgery capital of the European region not only because of its highly competent and qualified healthcare staff, but also because of the breathtaking tourist spots it offers. Having your operations here would prove to be an en enjoyable adventure as you would be able to achieve your aesthetic goals while the place allows you to appreciate its rich cultural heritage, wonderful scenic spots, and amazing climate.

Upon choosing the best destination for you, it would be helpful to consider the guides provided below to make sure that your journey would be smooth and hassle-free.

  • Although it is overlooked very often, it is important to get oriented with the widely used language in your chosen destination to make sure that you would not have a hard time communicating with the locals.
  • Double check all the necessary documents you should bring with you before leaving your country.
  • Make sure you coordinate with your attending physician before, during, and after undergoing medical procedures.
  • Know the basics about the country you are visiting so that you would not get shocked when you get there.
  • Get all the information about the hospital you will be admitted to, profiles of the healthcare providers, and other details about the health facility in advance so that you would know what to expect once you arrive.
  • Finalize all possible expenses before pushing through with the plan to ensure that your funds are enough to cover everything.

Lastly, it is good to tell someone in the family about your plan to get surgeries abroad so that they know what to do and where to go in case an emergency arises.


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