Woman Suffers for Five Years as a Result of Her Cosmetic Surgery Going Wrong

It has been reported that a 42 year old woman was left in permanent pain for several years after experiencing cosmetic surgery negligence.

Daphne Carroll, from Tennessee underwent laser facial treatment with the objective of having a spider vein removed from her face but endured numbness and shooting pains in her cheeks as her symptomsas a result of her cosmetic surgery going wrong.

cosmetic surgery going wrong

Revealing she remained in discomfort for five years after hercosmetic surgery went wrong and that thecosmetic surgerynegligence she encountered also affected her eyesight, Ms Carroll has sought corrective treatment via a number of practitioners that has proved unsuccessful.

She says of her experience: “It’s the most horrible experience of my life. All possible side effects were downplayed, and the consent form did not say surgery.”

Claiming she was the victim of a cosmetic surgery cowboy who was not qualified to undertake the procedure, Ms Carroll was promised treatment to remove the spider veins in her cheeks, stimulate collagen production to reduce wrinkles and also clean out her pores.

However, as a result of her cosmetic surgery going wrong, Ms Carroll awoke from her procedure to realise she had second-degree burns to her face, swelling and shooting pain. Whilst the disfiguring burns healed over time, she was left with permanent problems and reminders of pain and numbness in her face.

Ms Carroll, who also struggles to do day to day activities such as a driving as a result of her cosmetic surgery going wrong adds: “I was severely burned and left with nerve damage that I will live with for the rest of my life. I have a great deal of pain and at times cannot do even the simplest of tasks. My eyes are also affected. I described if you hit your thumb with a hammer and you feel that throbbing. It’s that through my cheeks.”

“I had no idea of the dangers of these facilities. In 2007 my life was forever changed after a visit to a skin care facility to purchase makeup.”

Advising other women to avoid becoming a victim of cosmetic surgery negligence, Ms Carroll warned of the dangers of being treated by an unqualified, cosmetic surgery cowboy.

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