Latest in Cosmetic Surgery-Voice Lift

You must have heard about a lot about different kinds of plastic and cosmetic surgeries from getting the nose altered to lifting the eyebrow, the list is endless. But one of the latest forms of cosmetic surgery which few people know about is voice lift.

In this age of modern communication, voice is critical in projecting your personality and establishing credibility. This is why it has received attention from surgeons who have devised a way to lift your voice and give your voice the edge that you need. To know more about voice lift, you can read the following given information.

voice lift cosmetic surgery

Voice lift is a process which can help two kinds of people-those with naturally weak voices and those whose voices have become weak due to any kind of an accident. The selection of the operation is dependent upon the individual’s vocal condition as it is determined by the voice team evaluation process.

The operation may also depend upon the person’s choice as well as physical examination.  In most of the cases of this procedure, what surgeons do is that they direct the surgery towards bringing vocal folds together so that they close more firmly and effectively and this in turn helps to minimize or eliminate the air leak between these folds. This air leak usually occurs due to aging of the voice or as a result of paralysis.

In some of the other cases, the operation is done by injecting a kind of a material through the neck or mouth into the tissues that are present adjacent to the fold of the vocal area.  This is done in order to bulk up the vocal tissues and bring the folds together to one another.  This process is known as injection laryngoplasty and is done by making use of collagen, fat or hydroxylpatite.  This procedure can be done with or without general anesthesia in an operating room and is sometimes also done under local anesthesia.

Besides these methods, another process through which a voice lift surgery is performed is through thyroplasty.  This is an operation which involves making a small incision in the neck and by doing so, the skeletal of the voice box is entered, laryngeal tissues are compressed and this is done by making use of Gor-tex or silastic implants. One needs to be given local anesthesia with sedation to undergo this procedure.  To recover from any of these processes, one needs a time period of about a few weeks.

It is important to know and remember that certain complications are associated with these procedures of voice lift. In some rare cases, the voice may turn hoarse but when problems occur, they can be corrected using fine tuning though injections or surgical adjustments. One must only get this treatment done if they are left with no other option to lift or improve their voice. Proper medical examination and tests must be done before opting for any surgery to prevent risks and complications of any kind.


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