Fraxel Is A New Effective Laser Skin Treatment

laser treatmentLaser resurfacing to minimize the appearance of acne scars has reached a new level with the Fraxel laser treatment.

The Fraxel laser treatment involves the use of low energy lasers that freshens the skin instead of simply resurfacing it which results in much less healing time before you get the face you were after.

Essentially the Fraxel laser gives the skin the energy to naturally replace scar tissue with collagen that helps even out the surface of the skin and reduces the amount of visibility of old acne scars.

The older version of laser resurfacing involved using lasers to vaporize, or even out the outer layer of skin in order to give the skin a more leveled appearance without the presence of acne scars as they are blasted off by the laser rays.

However, it takes time for the skin to heal after the process and the immediate result is not the most desirable although once time passes the skin appears to be much healthier.

The reason that Fraxel laser treatments allow the skin to heal rapidly is because only about 20% of the skin is exposed to laser light leaving healthy skin place which helps the facial skin heal quickly. Also, even in the area where laser touches the face, the skin is only wounded instead of vaporized.

There are three different levels of Fraxel laser treatment depending on the amount of repair the skin needs ranging in order from the lowest level of Fraxel refine and Fraxel restore up to severe repair with the Fraxel repair process.


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