Is Dermabrasion The Right Treatment For You?

dermabrasionThere are now modern treatments that can be carried out on the skin which essentially remove the outer layer of skin leaving a healthier new one in its place.

This can be done by a chemical peel but it is cheaper with a procedure called dermabrasion.

It is vital that this is carried out by an experienced plastic surgeon, as if done incorrectly it can inflict much damage and lead to a lot of painful suffering.

The skin is quite literally sanded down using a carefully designed tool which has a burr or brush or burr that removes the skin.

It is performed under anesthetic as the skin needs to be numbed while the surgical instrument does its work. If the depth of skin to be removed is not too thick sometimes a simple localized injection will suffice.

A consultation with the surgeon will determine the depth required, based on the condition of the skin and if there is any deeper scar tissue that the patient wishes to be addressed, people that have suffered with very bad acne [Acne Treatments], potting caused by childhood illness and others that have suffered from skin cancer.

The procedure is now being utilized for anti aging skin care as the battle to stay young seems to dominate many people’s minds. Recovery takes up to ten days depending on the depth and individual patient’s recovery rate.

As the new skin is produced it will appear very pink but does not take long to fully heal.

There is a newer procedure called therabrasions, which is not as harsh and may be more suitable for some people. New skin should be well protected from the sun and extra precautions should be taken.


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