Laser Skin Tightening – A Noninvasive Rejuvenation Option For Sagging Skin!

Laser skin tightening is considered as the alternative of surgical face lift for loose sagging skin.

Many people are concerned about sagging skin secondary to aging [Treating aging], pregnancy, weight loss, gastric bypass surgery, or any other reason, but loose sagging skin definitely upsets everyone.

Face lift, breast lift, and tummy tuck surgeries are most popular and effective plastic surgeries for tightening the skin of sagging face, sagging breasts, and sagging tummy.laser skin tightening

Nonetheless, in recent years, many new nonsurgical skin tightening equipments are introduced. An exceptional rejuvenation that produces outstanding results is laser skin tightening is introduced in 1995.

This nonsurgical method reduces the loose skin and wrinkles and gives a more young appearance.

Laser skin tightening is a nonsurgical and a minimally invasive procedure that causes the contraction of the skin by heating the collagen under the surface of the skin using laser (infrared light) source.

Are you a candidate for laser skin tightening?

It is suitable for both men and women for all skin tones and skin types who desire to have excellent results without invasive method and prolonged recovery period.

If you notice signs of aging such as sagging loose skin around your face and neck, then you can go for laser skin tightening. Most of the people who underwent laser skin tightening have permanent results as the collagen under the surface of the skin is renewed.

Titan and Polaris systems are most popular skin tightening treatments. These systems utilize laser technology and gently heat the collagen (deeper layers) under the skin surface while keeping the outer layers of the skin cool.

The patients experience immediate results after the treatment, but with some discomfort. It is important for you to know which laser treatment system suits your skin before you proceed with the procedure.

The choice of the treatment will be decided by the cosmetic dermatologist based upon the area/areas of your body that needs to be treated and your desired results from the procedure.

Laser Skin Tightening – Treatment areas of the face and body!

This procedure has been proved to be effective in all areas of the face and the body. Actually, you can opt for laser skin tightening with mild to moderate skin laxity rather than invasive procedures like tummy tuck surgery, liposuction, etc.

However, with this procedure, the results of the facial skin tightening can be seen immediately. The additional skin tightening can be seen over the next few months. This is very effective to the face.

The cost of this treatment varies depending on the patient’s desires like the size and location of the area, which needs to be tightened and the type of the laser system to be used.

If you are interested in laser skin tightening, consult a cosmetic dermatologist who determines the most effective treatment for you. It is also important for you to know if the dermatologist specializes in this area.

You can see a lot of difference in your appearance following this laser skin tightening. Undergo this procedure and get young-looking skin.


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