The Evolution of the Fractionated Laser

Fractional Lasers today are a far cry from the earliest days of this beauty procedure. There was a time when a blue dye was used as part of the procedure that would leave the skin with that tint for a day or so. Then there was the fact that fractional lasers were painful and swelling of the eyes and reddening of the skin requiring ice packs for days on end was common.

fractionated-laserNot so the new fractional non-ablative lasers, which are a new and improved version that greatly reduce side effects. It is now a customizable procedure and results are also much improved.

The new improved procedures work in a checker board pattern that works onmicroscopic squares of damaged skin. About 30% of the skin’s surface can be targeted in one session so that the remaining portions of the untreated skin can help the treated portions to heal.

The redness is reduced, the downtime is now minimal and swelling is mild. The procedure is considered OK for most skin types and can be used on portions such as the hands, face, neck and chest.

Also the pain is now much reduced since the doctor first uses a blast of Arctic air to numb the skin surface before the laser gets to work.


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