Vampire Face Lift – The New Beautifying Method

The vampire craze has certainly conquered the world with so many charismatic vampires present on the screen. So, it comes as no surprise that a new beautifying method based on the usage of blood became popular very fast.

In the search to discover new, innovative solutions both efficient and long lasting, the beauty specialists came with a new invention: the platelets shots.


The so called Vampire Face Lift comes to meet the needs of the people not comfortable with synthetic beauty products and also to accommodate those afraid of a real surgical intervention for the sake of their beauty.

The human blood has regenerative properties and among other things it is filled with platelets – the cells responsible for regenerating the wounds and forming the blood clot over an open skin cut.

The Vampire Face lift is actually simple and quite fuss free compared with other beauty surgery interventions. The doctor harvests platelets from your blood and combines them with plasma. The resulted solution is injected into the skin and forces the skin to rejuvenate from inside.

The plasma rich in platelets eliminates the risk of allergy, infections and hyper sensibility and acts as a healing factor for the damaged skin areas. It replaces gradually the aged cells and rejuvenates the blood vessels causing the skin to heal, filling the wrinkles and causing spectacular results.

The Vampire Face Lift has many advantages and its area of treatment is a lot wider than the one of the other similar beautifying methods. The treatment can be used on the face, neck and cleavage.

The plasma solution can be injected directly in the “valley of tears” – the line between the inferior eyelid and chick bones – a very sensitive and problematic area for all rejuvenating surgical methods.

The advantages of the Vampire Face lift are many. Virtually anybody between the ages of 20 and 80 can have it, no matter their skin type, complexion or skin color.

A complete treatment requires several injecting sessions and usually the doctors prescribe 2-4 sessions depending on how deep the wrinkles are and how problematic is the area they are on.

The treatment is repeated once or twice a year for maintenance purpose. A session can cost from $250 – $450 and once the session is over you can go home. The only scars you are left with are the injections puncture marks which disappear the very next day.


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