Women Hiding Plastic Surgery?

People want cosmetic procedures performed, but they don’t want others to know they have had them, according to a report. Those choosing to have cosmetic procedures are asking to have the procedures staggered so effects are gradual and not as noticeable.

cosmetic-surgeryAs many as 72% women said they would hide procedures such as Botox from family and friends, and over 50% wouldn’t even tell their partners. As for men, 81% of them wouldn’t tell if they had cosmetic surgery done! The most commonly hidden surgical procedure that people would choose to keep under wraps is liposuction.

Those seeking cosmetic surgery often ask for staggered sessions, so that chances are more discreet and gradual and less startlingly noticeable.

People also want to know, which paying for these cosmetic procedures, if the payments made will show up on bank or credit card statements, because that would be a dead giveaway that one had been getting help beating nature.

Celebrities, who are often great consumers of cosmetic surgery, often deny having had procedures, though many like Demi Moore have been rumored to have had breast implants, liposuction in several areas, as well as collagen injections and eyebrow and cheek fillers.


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