Facelift Surgery – Best Way To Make Yourself Look Young!

Facelift, also known as Rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic surgical procedure to improve the overall facial appearance for a youthful look. It helps reduce wrinkles on the face and eliminate revealing signs of aging.

Facelift is not for everyone. The best candidate for facelift surgery is the one whose skin begun to sag, but still supple and whose overall health is in good condition with strong and well-defined bone structure.

Although a facelift can give you younger look and may increase your self- confidence, it cannot provide a completely changed look nor it brings back the health and energy of your youth.Facelift

So, before choosing a facelift surgery, discuss about your expectations, benefits, risks and side effects of surgery with surgeon and take a right decision carefully.

There are several types of facelift surgeries depending up on the type of incision, the number of tissue layers to be treated, the facial area, and the invasiveness of the procedure.

No matter what type of facelift surgery is preferred, the surgeon in your first consultation evaluates your face, and discusses about the surgery. The surgeon also checks for medical conditions such as blood pressure or blood clotting problems because these can cause troubles during or after surgery.

Before performing the surgery, the surgeon gives you detailed instructions on eating and drinking patterns, smoking, and taking or evading certain medications in order to prepare you for the surgery.

On the other hand, following these instructions helps the facelift surgery go smoothly and successfully.

Facelift is generally an outpatient surgery and usually performed in a surgeon’s clinic or in a hospital. The surgery usually lasts for several hours.

However, in some complicated cases, the surgeon may hospitalize you for a short period in order to monitor the effects of medical conditions after your surgery.

Most of the facelift surgeries are performed under local anesthesia where the surgical area becomes numb and you’ll be awake but relaxed with no feelings of pain. On the other hand, some surgeons prefer a general anesthesia. In that, you’ll be sedated throughout the operation.

During the facelift surgery, the surgeon makes incisions usually from the hairline at the temples, extending it in front of the ear, and continues from the back of the earlobe to the lower scalp. If neck is also included, a small incision may be made below the chin.

The surgeon separates the skin from the fat and the muscles below and removes the fat from that region to enhance the shape. The surgeon will then taut the underlying muscle and membrane, and pulls the skin back to remove the excess fat.

The incision will be closed using sutures, which helps protect the tissue layers. Metal clips may also be used on the scalp. The surgeon also wraps the head using bandages to reduce the possibility of bruising and swelling.

After the surgery, the surgeon prescribes pain relievers to control the pain and suggests few guidelines to follow for a couple of days so as to achieve best results.

So are you ready to make yourself look younger and fresh!

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