Facial Liposuction – What and How?

‘Liposuction’ is an excellent process of removing fat deposits in individuals who are in possession of genetic fat deposits caused from aging. It is not just a common term but the procedure is actually referred more to as ‘Liposculpture’. Removal of excess fat is a positive change but removing too much fat can cause unpleasant cosmetic deformities.

Possessing fat is not always a bad factor. Retaining a proper amount of fat under the skin is necessary for every human being. Facial and neck liposuction can produce a dramatic effect especially in an aging face and also in younger patients who have excess fat in their body. As we get older the sides of the jaws as well as the areas under the chin and jowl become droopy.

facial liposuction

The areas that get affected thoroughly can be discussed as under:

Face Liposuction

One of the most successful and safest ways to remove fat from face and neck is possible through tumescent liposuction. This process can provide more natural results than a facelift. The positive side of undergoing tumescent liposuction of the face can have fewer risks, scars and most importantly one can expect a rapid recovery. For women in order to reduce wrinkles it is necessary to pair the liposuction with laser resurfacing or with a chemical peel.

Submental Chin

Submental chin mainly includes the area below the margin of the jaw that extends onto the front of the neck. If there is excess of fat beneath the chin, then one may look chubby, less athletic and older. So in order to treat this cosmetic problem Liposuction is usually the simplest, safest and least expensive method.

Cheeks with Subcutaneous Fat

An individual looks chubby if there is subcutaneous fat present on the cheeks. This fat deposit is the result of an inherited tendency that is resistant to exercise and diet. Through the process of tumescent liposuction using small cannulas it is possible to correct this cosmetic problem. This method is done totally by local anesthesia and virtually with nil scars.


Jowls include the area with a small focal accumulation of fat on the lower cheek that lies over the jaw bone. Prominent jowls make a person look very old. The best way to treat the accumulated fat in the jowls is possible through tumescent liposuction.

Liposuction and Wrinkle Removable

It is not possible to eliminate facial wrinkles through liposuction. However, with the combination of modern cosmetic techniques facial wrinkles, acne scars, blotchy pigmentation can be treated.

Neck Liposuction

It is permanently possible to achieve better defined and more graceful neckline through liposuction of the neck. According to most of the patients, neck liposuction is a quick procedure and is usually undergone by local anesthesia. Through one or two incisions concealed beneath the chin or behind the ears, a cosmetic surgeon inserts a small liposuction cannula for removing the extra fat and sculpts a natural contour to the chin and neck.

Nonetheless, Liposuction is not applicable for all patients. It is important to mention that if there is any significant loose skin in an individual, then liposuction may produce a negative result. For those of you who have fat on face, a lift procedure may be required.


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