Liposuction: Side Effects And Possible Complications

LiposuctionWhile it would seem a very easy and attractive proposition to simply have the fat sucked out of the body using liposuction, it makes sense to educate oneself about the possible problems associated with this surgery.

Though the most common of cosmetic surgeries, liposuction is not without its limitations and potential complications.

Limited Application

It is usually recommended that no more than 5 kg (about 10 pounds) of fat can safely be removed in one session. In general the more fat sucked, the higher the risk.

If too much fat is removed from any one particular area, a ‘dent’ effect can be perceived. It can also leave a large amount of loose sagging skin, from where the fat was removed.

Though we usually hear about how routine and common this surgery is, the truth is that this is a high risk surgery and is potentially life threatening. People in poor health and smokers are best advised to give it a miss. Heart disease and diabetes of a lingering infection are also disqualifying factors.

What you can expect after the liposuction surgery

Like any surgery, there will be pain and scarring that will take time to recover from. Also present are all the risk associated with anesthesia.

In this surgery there is usually some bruising and swelling that takes a couple of months to subside. Certain activities may not be possible and some areas of the body may have the feeling of numbness.

Possible Complications

As in all surgical procedures, there can be an allergic reaction to a medication or infection due to the surgery. There could me some amount of skin damage or even organ damage or puncture being sustained.

If for instance liposuction from the abdomen is being carried out, there is the danger of injury to the intestines etc. After the surgery there could be an uneven or bumpy appearance to the area or the ‘dent’ formation we spoke about. Fluid imbalance in the body could be another possible complication.

Abdominal Etching is another procedure that is considered by people interested in liposuction. It involves a procedure which selectively removes a small amount of fat around the patient’s natural muscular contours and shapes of the abdomen to create a more athletic contour.

This is however recommended for those with only small amount of fat deposits in the ab area. The recovery procedure for this is also known to be lengthy and complicated.


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