‘Frightened’ of Plastic Surgery? What Does Cate Blanchett Do for Her Skin?

People magazine lately reported Academy Award winner Cate Blanchett as saying that she isfrightened of plastic surgery. She clarified that she wasn’t preaching to other women about whether or not they should be going for plastic surgery, but that she herself was scared about what plastic surgery may mean for her in the long term.

When the Golden Globe and BAFTA winning actress sees women in their 20’s opting for plastic surgery, she thinks it is pitiable rather than admirable. She realizes that these so called ‘beauty’ interventions for the face and the body have been around for a while and that they are not good for us in the long term and it isn’t something that works for her.

Cate Blanchett’s skin care secrets

So if she eschews the Botox treatments and thefacelifts, what is it that the 43 year old doing to keep that luminous and flawless skin of hers?

For the past 10 years she has been using SK-II skin care products and swears by them. She finds that consistency is the key to keeping skin in good shape.

On a day to day basis when we look at ourselves in the mirror we tend to see only the flaws, but over the years a good skin care routine does in fact minimize damage.

The Essence, Repair C and LXP are some of the products she recommends. SK-II contains something called Pitera, a mysterious ingredient that is supposed to work wonders for the skin. Since this works for her, she keeps using it.

Another surprising part of Cate’s skin care routine is Emu Oil which is not just a great moisturizer but also great for treating sunburns and scars. Among indigenous Australian cultures, this is the stuff they put on newborns.

When she is jetting in and out of countries, getting ready for red carpet occasions can be a challenge. This she gets around by using a whitening mask and eye masks to rejuvenate her skin. She also uses oxygen facials at times, but at times it is nothing more complicated than a vodka and tonic for her!

She believes in taking useful advice from other women, such as not curling the eyelashes or over-plucking the eyebrows.

With three boys in the house, Cate admits to eating a bit more and eating some garbage at times. But then she keeps active by running after them as well. To keep her system going, she has lemon juice in water in the morning.


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