The Realistic Facts About Nose Surgery

Usually a nose surgery lasts between an hour and two and a half hours, depending on the type of work that needs to be done and on the amount of alteration that the patient needs. It is possible to have the surgery along with other procedures, like brow lift, liposuction or face lift.

Nose Surgery

Information about the surgery of the nose

If you have the procedure along with some other kind of procedure it is just natural that the duration of the entire procedure is longer. You have the possibility to have the work done at a hospital, in the surgical suite of your surgeon or at a freestanding clinic.

How it is performed

Once you are brought in the surgery room for the operation of your nose, the doctors will insert an intravenous line into one of your arms. Through this you will receive medications and fluids during the procedure. You will receive sedatives and after this your face is washed with a kind of antibacterial solution.

In order to access the inner structure of the nose during the nose surgery the surgeon makes several incisions. If you have an open surgery, there will be an incision on the columella. This is the skin between the nostrils. The incision could have a ‘W’ or ‘Z’ shape.

Techniques for nose operation

If you want the tip of the nose to be thinner, known as tiplasty, it is possible that you will have the incisions on the columella at the septum. On the other hand, if you want your nostrils to be narrower you could have two incisions, one on each side of the nose, where it meets the face.

In case of the nose surgery the surgeons are trying to make sure that you have as few incisions as possible. It is possible that the bone structure has to be thinned. In this case the incisions will be located on the cartilage right into the nose’s bridge.

Tools and methods

If this is the case for your rhinoplasty, the doctor will use an osteotome that is something like a chisel. He or she will tap it with a rubber hammer. To break the bones there might be need for several taps. If you have a bump, it is possible that the surgeon will file it down.

The patients could experience some pressure during the nose surgery. During the entire procedure they are sedated and they maintain their calm. Once the bones get broken, they are moved to take the shape that you want them to have. This kind of process is known as infracture.


On the other hand it is possible that during the procedure the bones could be widened and in this case the nose surgeries are known as outfractures. After all the procedures are done, the incisions get sutured. Usually the patients have packing in their nose for it to maintain its shape.

As you can see, a nose surgery is something quite complicated and it needs a lot of expertise to be carried out.


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