Unsatisfied With Your Sagging Breasts? Raise And Reshape Your Breasts With Breast Lift Surgery!

Breast lift is a surgical procedure to lift and shape the sagging breasts. Breast lift is also known as mastopexy.

It is the best option for the woman who lost the shape and suppleness of the breasts.

Normally, the factors such as pregnancy, weight loss, breast-feeding, lack of skin elasticity, and the force of gravity makes the breasts lose their shape and firmness and start to sag.

The mastopexy surgery can also be done in conjunction with breast implants. The insertion of breast implants with breast lift can increase the size and firmness of the breasts simultaneously with the enhancement of shape and position of the breasts.Breast Lift

This kind of surgical procedure is right for woman who lost a significant amount of breast volume overtime.

Breast lift is also a good option for woman whose breasts are pendulous with unsatisfactory size or whose nipples and areolas points down. It is a good option because it helps raise and firm the breasts, making the breasts in a more youthful contour.

Breast lift is not an easy surgery. However, it is usually a safe procedure when performed by a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. In general, the breast lift is performed in a hospital or doctor’s clinic.

So, if you are planning for breast lift, consult a well-qualified surgeon and discuss your condition as well as expectations honestly. In your first consultation, the surgeon examines your breasts and assesses the condition and suggests you for the surgery.

Once you are suggested for the surgery, the doctor will explain the procedure, its risks, benefits and effects. Also, discuss the factors (age, size and shape of breast, skin type) that may affect the surgical procedure.

In addition to these, the doctor may also suggest breast lift in conjunction with breast implants, if necessary.

Prior to the surgery, the surgeon may recommend you to have a mammogram (breast x-ray) depending upon your age and medical conditions.

Also, specific instructions will be given to prepare you for surgery, which includes guidelines on diet patterns and certain things to avoid such as smoking and specific vitamins and medications.

Before beginning the procedure, the doctor prepares the treatment area by giving general anesthesia. The breast lift surgery usually takes one to three hours. The techniques of mastopexy vary according to the breast condition.

However, the most common procedure includes an anchor-shaped incision next the natural breast contour.

Through the incision area, the surgeon defines the area of excision and the new location for the nipple and areola. The skin in the incision area is then removed along with excess breast tissues. Once the excess breast skin is removed, the nipple and areola are transferred to the higher position.

The skin that surrounded the areola is then brought down together to shape the breast. The skin around the areola is sutured in a vertical line downwards from the nipple area to the chest and moving side to side along the newly formed bottom crease of the breast.

The effect of a breast lift is satisfactory only if the procedure is thoroughly understood and your expectations are practical.


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