What Is Eyelash Transplant Surgery And How Is It Useful?

Recently, my friend, aged fifty, told me, “I really need to get something done to spice up my life.

Since I don’t want to go in for things like face lifts or tummy tucks, how does an eyelash transplant sound to you?” Frankly speaking, I was astonished! I was not even aware of the existence of such a thing!

What all a human being can think of to become beautiful! My friend’s question prompted me to research a little into the topic, and here is what I found:

This is a cosmetic surgery, done for people who either wish to augment their looks, or who really do not have any eyelashes for a number of different reasons, and want to have some.

People who do have eyelashes tend to dismiss eyelash transplant surgery as stupid or a complete waste of time, but one may not be able to understand the feelings of those people who have lost their eyelashes due to infections or burns, or congenital malformations or some other reasons; they would give anything to own a few eyelashes.

Let me tell you what the surgery involves. First and foremost, it is a simple procedure carried out under local anesthesia. It involves taking out about thirty to forty hair follicles from the back of the scalp, and sewing them on, one by one, onto the eyelids.

  • Once they have been fixed, the patient will have great looking eyelashes. The only problem with this procedure is the fact that these eyelashes will grow, just like natural head hair will. Therefore, these eyelashes will have to be trimmed every few weeks; otherwise they will keep growing…
  • The costs for eyelash transplant surgery would come to about $3000 per eye.
  • The typical recovery time after eyelash transplant surgery may be about a week or ten days, and the new eyelashes will start to grow from six to eight months after the surgery date.
  • Remember; these eyelashes will gray once the head hair starts to gray! Doctors state that they can then be colored, or a simple dab of mascara will take care of things rather easily.

Today, more and more people are turning to this procedure, and age does not seem to matter at all. In fact, younger women, who have arrived at the conclusion that eyelash extensions may permanently damage their once lustrous and thick eyelashes, feel that eyelash transplant surgery is a more practical solution to their cosmetic problems.

Older people use this surgery to restore their thinning eyelashes.

No matter what the age, if one desires to be beautiful, without the complications of eyelash extensions and so on, one can opt for this surgery. There can be no doubt that long thick eyelashes that frame one’s eyes will look gorgeous, and can do wonders for one’s self esteem.

Please consult a qualified doctor however before you opt for the surgery.


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