Quick Fixes For Damaged Hair

The hair on a woman’s head is considered by many to be her crowning glory, but the things hair goes through to look beautiful oftentimes lead to dryness and damage.

Water and shampoo, the very things that keep the hair clean can also be the causes of hair damage.

Swimming in sea water or chlorinated water can dry and damage hair; the same can also be said for shampooing too frequently or using harsh shampoos.

Chemicals present in hair color, perm lotions, and hair relaxers or straighteners, too much heat from blow-dryers, electric curlers or curling wands; too much exposure to wind and sun – these also cause damage to one’s hair.hair care

Nothing beats professional care for damaged hair, but if the situation calls for a quick fix, one need not go farther than her own home to find the ingredients for emergency treatments for damaged hair.

The most popular home remedy involves eggs and mayonnaise. Hair experts recommend applying mayonnaise or egg-and-honey mixture on damaged hair and leaving it on for at least 5 minutes up to an hour or even overnight, covering the hair with a scarf and washing hair with a gentle or mild shampoo afterwards.

A banana-and-avocado puree left on damaged hair for 15 minutes then rinsed out can also work wonders for damaged hair.

Coconut suntan oil is another favorite ingredient. Apply the oil by hand, working it into freshly rinsed hair. Wrap hair in a towel, plastic shower cap or cling wrap; leave this on preferably overnight. Wash out the greasiness with a gentle or mild shampoo afterwards.

Beer is also recommended for first-aid treatments for damaged hair. Spray beer from a pump sprayer onto freshly-washed, towel-dried hair before blow-drying or styling. Beer gives a healthy shine to dull hair, and is also a great setting lotion. Its odor quickly disappears, so the hair doesn’t retain the beer smell.

These quick fixes can only repair damaged hair temporarily. Avoiding the causes of hair damage as part of the regular hair care routine can keep hair healthy and shiny.

Using a mild shampoo or one specially formulated for dry or damaged hair and a conditioner can work wonders.

Coloring hair with a henna treatment instead of chemical hair colors can give hair much-needed luster and shine (test on a small area first to check for allergies).

Styling hair without heat and protecting hair from wind, sun, and sea/chlorinated water can work to stave off the hair damage.  Visiting a hair stylist every six weeks or so to trim off damaged ends can restore the hair’s beauty.

The hair becomes one’s crowning glory only if the utmost care is given to it. It is best that the slightest hint of damage is dealt with immediately, so as to maintain the hair’s natural beauty.


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