Scrunching To Change The Look Of Your Straight Hair!

Straight HairIf you really want to add more curls for your straight hair, then there are many options for you to attain the desired look for your hair.

Scrunching is one of the most efficient ways of curling the straight hair.

To get the exact scrunch look for your hair, it usually requires certain kind of natural blend in it.

How ever, straight hair will definitely require certain thought to get the desired scrunch look. So, don’t worry with your straight hair, it is quite possible to get an edgy crushed look for your hair, which cannot instantly fall out.

Try to follow these simple steps, for scrunching your straight hair:

  • Give appropriate shampoo and conditioning for your hair. While finishing the process of shampooing [Hair Shampoo], try to do your last rinse by using cold water.
  • After washing your hair, try to squeeze out the excess water out of your hair. Then towel or dry your hair for 15 minutes. Now divide your hair into 3 or 4 sections and scrunch your straight hair from edges, gradually going upwards to the roots of hair. Once you reach the root of hair, try to hold it with a hair clip or claw for few minutes.
  • Wrap your hair in clean towel for few minutes and remember, never rub your hair with any towel or cloth, as it can make your hair frizzy. If the ends of your hair are still dripping, just try to wring them in a towel instead of rubbing.
  • Try to run your fingers like a wide tooth comb all the way through your straight hair and try to separate them as best as you can.
  • Now use a better hair spray for your straight hair, to get perfect hair set. Try to spray at the middle and bottom portions of your hair. Spraying too close to your hair roots can make them to look more greasy and slanted down. Try to move your head upside down, which can help you to give more scrunch and volume look for your hair.
  • Now apply a hair gel or mousse to your hair and try to push them towards your head and hold it for few minutes. Then allow your hair to dry for a moment and get the desired look for your hair.

Try to follow these simple steps for scrunching your straight hair. If you are not confident with these steps, you can also take an advice from any experienced hair stylist to get the desired look for your straight hair.


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