Use Hairstyle Imaging Software For A Perfect Hair Styling!

It was long ago that celebrities used to appear in different hair styles. But now, the advancement in the fashion technology has made hair styling very common for everyone.

Today, there are a wide variety of hair styles for any type of hair; from long tresses to short hair. But, choosing the right hair style that suit your facial and body structure can be a little confusion.

It’s great that you have a hairstyle imaging software to keep your confusion away. It is an excellent tool that allows you to use any hairstyle, hair cut, or hair color of your choice, and check how the hair style will look on you.Hairstyle

This powerful hairstyle imaging software is often used for professional purposes, mostly in hair salons, hairstyling institutes, plastic and cosmetology institutes, and also by makeup artists.

How Hairstyle Imaging Software Works?

The highlighting features of this hair styling software are 3D technology, huge database of hairstyles, digital face modeling to view the face from every corner, and an amazing wizard that help to identify the shape of your face.

With this software, now it is easy to have a makeover session where you can quickly select a suitable hairstyle from the world’s most extensive database of thousands of hairstyles that are ready with a click of mouse, to match with your photo in the program. Moreover, it also allows you to apply makeup from the most trendy color pallets and many more.

The hairstyles in the database are structured into categories such as wedding, parties, and regular styles etc and these categories can be accessed by hair type (straight, wavy, or curly), hair length (long, medium, short), angle of view, and hairstyles with bangs or no bangs.

This hair styling software also provides a difference between each of the hair styles by just clicking on the hairstyle that you select.

The 3D technology of hair styling software works by viewing the client in three dimensions. When you select a hairstyle, the software program automatically spin the head of the client’s photo so as to provide the proper view of the selected hairstyle to the client’s photo.

Once a hairstyle is set with your photo in the hairstyle software program, it can be customized in several different ways. It can be done by hair cutting, lengthening, reshaping, shading, lightening, darkening, and changing the color of the hairstyle that fits perfect to your photo [Hair color styles].

Adding one or more colors to the hairstyle can be done at a time to view the shades. These powerful customizing features of hairstyle software allow you to use the existing styles or modify them into new styles and add them to your library for further use.

So, use the hairstyle imaging software to make your hair stylish, perfect and more attractive.


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