Hair Color Style Helps To Select The Best Hair Color That Will Suit You!

Hair color will be used to develop or to completely change your natural hair shade.

It is important to choose right color for your hair and the exact process to achieve the good look.

Your skin and hair will be colored by the same substance called melanin.

That’s why your skin color will always match with your hair color. You should choose a hair color that matches you.

The simplest way of choosing hair color style is, you should select a color that should not have no more than two shades lighter or darker than your hair color. [Hair coloring tips]Hair Color Style

If you want to use lowlights (darker streaks) in the hair or highlights (lighter streaks) then you can go for four different shades with no consequences. If you want to change your hair color style totally, then you have to pick your shade carefully.

The wrong hair color style or the hair color that will not suit you, will age you by years, make you to look pale and washed out, vanish your features even with lot of make-up.

Selection of hair color style should be same as selection of make-up. The selection of hair color style should be made according to your skin tone. Basically there are two types of skin tones namely, cool skin tone and warm skin tone.

If you have cool skin tone then you should go for ashy or ‘light’ blonde and brunette shades, or bluey blacks. If you have warm skin tone then you should go for the shades based on copper or reds such as strawberry blonde and brown blacks rather than true blacks.

Choosing proper hair color for your hair style

Basically there are two types of hair color styles namely, all-over color and subtle lights. All-over colors will be gone by morning and subtle lights will last for months. You should select the proper hair color among these two.

Temporary colors are also known as wash-in and wash-out colors. These colors are water based colors and needed a light coating on your hair. These colors will last until next wash. You can obtain a new look after washing this colors.

If you have bleach or highlights on your hair, you should be careful that they can stick this temporary color for longer period of time and to your natural hair also. These highlights will leave strange streaks when you wash out. Temporary colors will wash out if it rains too heavily.

Semi permanent colors are the colors that coat the outer hair shaft and penetrate the top layer of the cuticle. These semi permanent colors will not get washed out easily. They will remain until six washes. These are the best for those who are not completely committed to hair colors.

Tone-on-tone colors are the colors between semi-permanent and permanent colors. These colors will use low levels of peroxide that will help the color to penetrate the hair shaft. These colors will wash out after five to twelve weeks.

Permanent colors use ammonia and other chemicals that will open the hair shaft and allow the color to penetrate into the cuticle permanently.

These colors will last forever until it grows naturally. Poor maintenance of hair can cause the color to fade. If you apply the permanent color over and over again, then it will be the big cause for breaking of hair.

By the above information, you can select the proper hair color style that will suit your hair. You should be careful while selecting hair color style. Go for a trial before you apply the hair color for your entire hair.


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