Be Beautiful Following The “Sex And The City” Divas Footsteps

Charlotte from “Sex and the City” has always been praised for her natural looking beauty. In case you want to achieve her natural fresh and glowing face, take a look at her beauty secrets.


Her smooth and glowing skin has its own secrets. Each morning and evening the actress is applying meticulous cleaning of her skin. For porcelain refined skin, exfoliate once or twice a week and don’t forget to concentrate on the centre of your face.

Always apply moisturizer after cleansing. The Sex and the City star Charlotte is also eminent for her smooth hair. Her hairstyle is prepared with special serum. You can easily apply it on your roots and fix the curls with wet-look wax.

In case you are wondering what is Charlotte’s favorite cosmetic product – it is the Guerlain’s Super Aqua-Day Cream. This luxury textured cream is perfect for keeping your skin soft and hydrated, as it also contains elements, which refresh your skin.

Apply it before your make-up and it will surely help you to achieve part of Charlotte’s glowing look.


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