Your SPF Is The Key Ingredient For A Beautiful You

Summer is the time when we catch some tan and often soak up the sun thinking that there is nothing sexier than brown tan, but most of us don’t know that this could damage our skin in ways, which are extremely dangerous.

Exactly the hot sun rays are guilty for the wrinkles, black points, marks and dehydrated skin. Be aware always to choose cosmetic products, which will protect your skin and reduce the effect of the sun on your skin. The best products for the summer are the lotions and the creams, which contains SPF factor.

For those of you, who have sensitive skin; make sure the level of SPF is high, so it can protect you from the UV rays. There are several rules how to protect your body and face from the heat and the sun.

In case you are going for a vacation, don’t go out or at least try to stay out of the sun between 11 am and 3 pm, because this is the time when the sun’s rays are hottest.

Always wear high protection sun cream. When you are at the beach, wear light clothing to cover your skin. Sunglasses can be super fashion accessory, but they are actually the best care for your eyes in the hottest summer days.


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