Selecting Right Make Up Foundation To Match Your Skin Type!

Make Up FoundationYou should not miss make up foundation and choose foundation according to your skin type.

Make up foundation is intended to apply on neck and face.

Foundation helps to color the skin evenly and hide the imperfections of the skin such as scars, light and dark colored areas.

There are different types of make up foundations like emulsions, creams, liquids, cakes, powders, waterproof and spray foundation.

Emulsions! Emulsions are packed in tubes and are used for variety of skin types. This type of make up foundation gives less sheen than cream or liquid foundation. This foundation covers the blemishes also.

Creams! Cream foundations are suitable for dry skin (Dry Skin Care) as they contain high proportion of oils and are creamy. Cream foundations provide heavy coverage but give a glossy finish. These have more moisturizing properties.

Liquids! Liquid foundations are easy to use and are packaged in bottles. These are available in oil based and water based formulas. These are formulated for all skin types. They cover the skin smoothly with a light sheen and can be best suited to cover blemishes and scars.

Cakes or sticks! These are solid in form and have greater drying effect. Due to drying effect, it is suited for oily skin. With dense matt cover, these are good for covering scars and blemishes.

Cakes or stick foundations are popular for photographic and stage work but are too heavy for everyday use.

Powders! The powder foundation control shine and provide oil-blotting. Compact powders are heavily formulated as they contain a certain amount of foundation. Powders are used during the day for touching up and help to reinforce coverage.

Waterproof make up foundation! Sometimes foundation does not last long. This is possible especially in summer due to humidity and higher temperatures.

During this weather, waterproof make up foundation is of great help to your skin. These are water resistant and make your skin look glamorous in spite of sweating conditions.

Spray foundation! Spray foundation is preferred for acne scarring and post surgical skin. It is used to retain the make up for long hours. Spray them at any time over your make up to refresh. These come in different shades for different skin tones.

Choosing make up foundation! There are two things when choosing make up foundation- the form and the color. Some forms are suitable for certain skin types than others. If you have dry skin, oil based foundation is best suitable as it gives additional moisture to your skin.

When choosing the make up foundation, your age and basic condition of skin is also important. If your skin condition is better, the foundation should be thinner. For aged skin, light liquid is the best choice. If your skin is in poor condition, heavier foundation can give better appearance.

If you are using the foundation already, but are not sure to which category it belongs, put a drop of it in a dish of water. If it is dispersed easily in the water, it is water based make up foundation and can be used if you have oily skin.


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