Natural Solutions For Whitening Your Skin

Actors and models do it and so can you. It does not have to be expensive to whiten and brighten your skin.

You can opt for skin whitening in a more natural way without using harsh chemicals on your skin.

Many skin lighteners on the market today have different types of acids in them. You may want to avoid these acids on your face, and go with a more natural solution.

Some plants can provide face whitening in a more natural, non-toxic whitening2

Skin whitening ingredients work to block the sun’s UV rays that darken your skin and to block the melanin skin pigment from performing its job of making your skin darker.

Arbutin as a Whitener

The extract of the Bearberry plant, arbutin, works to whiten your skin the natural way. It can prevent the melanin pigment from turning your skin darker. It will make your skin look lovely. This extract is a safe whitener that is non-toxic.

There are no proven side effects to Arbutin. It does not have a bad odor to it and is pleasant to use. Arbutin can work in three different ways to help your skin. It not only works as a skin whitener, it also has anti-aging properties and sun blocking capabilities.

Vitamin C Not Just for Colds

Vitamin C is another natural substance that can help in the blocking of melanin. It will only take a few weeks of applying Vitamin C to your face to see the results.

This vitamin will provide a great skin lightener for you and it will provide an anti-age fighter for your skin. Vitamin C will offer your skin a twofold affect for whiter and brighter skin.


Glabridin comes from the licorice plant. It is a natural ingredient, which blocks pigmentation by stopping tyrosinase to activate. Glabridin will leave your skin looking lighter and more beautiful. There is no toxicity to this ingredient.

Lemon Extract

The use of lemon juice to lighten your hair has been a practice for a very long time. Lemon extract is an effective natural skin whitener also. You should only use lemon extract in small amounts in your homemade skin lighteners to prevent the drying out of your skin.

Emblica Extract

The Emblica extract comes from a plant called Phyllanthus emblica. This compound’s composition when extracted from the plant gives it an antioxidant activity.

The antioxidants found in the Emblica extract works as a great skin lightener. You will only need to use moderate concentrations of Emblica to get the desired whitening affect.

Face masks as Whiteners

Face masks will work to lighten your face and they come from all natural ingredients. You may want to try a mixture of one tablespoon of flour mixed with two teaspoons of milk and three drops of juice from a lime.

Put this on your face and leave for at least fifteen minutes. Repeat this procedure for about four weeks.

As you can see there are quite a few options to help you achieve the whitening affect that you are looking for.


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